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Focused on results through Social Selling (but not only!).

I am a marketeer very focused on goals, in getting results and not learning new “beatiful words” just because it is fashionable.

Very connected to new technologies, i see in digital media the most effective way to communicate and implement a marketing strategy.

Thus, the focus is on Social Selling, aware of the current digital transformation, new technologies, social networks in this case, are imperative in defining new sales cycles, as more effective in prospecting new leads and to approach , even more, the consumers of the brands.

All this has been the subject of practice and study over the years.

After co-founding a digital marketing agency, i embraced the Head of Marketing project of Grupel SA, a B2B company and national leader in its sector.

I did not mention B2B at random, I did it because it is here that there is still a great delay in this digital transformation and this has been the “struggle” of the last years. With a strong digital strategy assumed and implemented by Grupel, we have grown and are becoming more and better, a reference in our sector.

I am also a teacher of Digital Marketing Graduate Course at Aveiro Digital School.

Stay tuned to the Blog and Social Networks, I will write articles, tips and other issues that relate to Social Selling.