B2B Marketers, Pay Attention!

Crescimento do Linkedin

Things changed and you better pay attention to that. Stop complaining and move ahead, but first you need to know which direction should take.

Below are some interesting topics to present why you should have Linkedin on your top priorities:

  • LinkedIn now has over 500 million members.
  • LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies.
  • Microsoft paid $26.2 billion for LinkedIn last year.
  • 1 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions.
  • Of the 2 billion Millennials globally, 87 million of them are on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn articles featuring exactly 8 images far outperform the rest.
  • Articles without video perform better than those with video.
  • LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs.
  • 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix.
  • 79% of B2B marketers see LinkedIn as a good source for generating leads.
  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn vs. 13% on Twitter & 7% on Facebook.
  • Of the 500 most shared LinkedIn articles in 2016, 30 were small lists.
  • LinkedIn has a perfect Moz domain authority of 100.

Now it’s easier to understand why Linkedin needs to be part of Social Selling strategy in your company. There are no better social network than this for B2B.
Set your goals, define your strategy from the beginning to the end and go for it.

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