Does Social Selling replace personal relationships?

Relações Pessoais e Social Selling

There are still many people (perhaps most) who tend always to criticize a social selling strategy because they think it replaces the personal relationship/contact: not true!

Personal relationships in sales cycles must ALWAYS be maintained, the importance of face-to-face will always be fundamental, but it’s here that SOCIAL SELLING becomes more EFFECTIVE, prospecting for new leads and credibility of the brand/products, so that in the future there is a real possibility of business and a personal relationship is necessary.

I am going now (March 2018) to Dubai, to Middle East Electricity (the most important trade fair in our sector – power generation), where we will (Grupel) expose our brand, but also meet with potential customers and close contracts.

These meetings also resulted from such a social selling strategy, that is, it is time to face it. Thus, it is clear that this type of strategy NEVER abdicates from face-to-face contact to close the sales cycle. That’s what we’re going to do to Dubai!

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