How Social Selling (but not only) signed a contract

Contrato Distribuição Grupel Dubai

The contract was almost signed with another company, but there was something it was preventing, something that made Sales Manager not move forward. This is a real case, a true case study, with Social Selling in the middle.

Do you remember the article where i mentioned that Social Selling is not a substitute for personal relationships? Here’s the proof.

As always, when we close a distribution agreement, i’m curious and have obligation to understand how the whole process was, and this time it was the sales manager himself responsible in the distribution company to give me his vision and perception of how everything happened .

(his words)

At the Middle East Electricity 2017 Fair he visited our stand because it was looking for an alternative to the brand with which it worked and gathered information about our company, as well as  opportunity to visualize and analyze the exposed products. As is normal in this trade show, we have his card and contacts directly in our database through Konduko Reader (badge reader).

After the event, we did the “normal” work of follow up and qualification of the leads, that is, we put into practice our process of brand credibility, we contacted very briefly while everything is very hot and, of course, Sales Navigator (search, contact and save leads).

However, the conversations happen to be via email (usual process in this type of strategy), interest was increased, until we came to the discussion about prices (it could even be free, at this point is never enough for the customer, believe me). Very high price, they said, they wanted more x% discount on what we presented to be competitive.

Despite this requirement in the price, the lead is considered qualified and sent to the commercial department that follows the exchange of existing emails, until it reaches a point where they realized that it was impossible to come down more than we had presented and the contact has cooled … (yes, normal once again)

Behold, after a while, they contact us again via email and our response remains the same, they are almost to contract with another company but they come back and send us e-mail and everything is still the same on our side … While it was practically closing with the other company, the Sales Manager decides to go to Linkedin to search (he really wanted a response from us as it can be verified) and found my profile, he says he received from me “one very nice message that makes the difference”.

The lead reverted back to “hot” and to be managed by a member of the commercial team, who talked to them over the course of these months, until, even with higher prices, they became very interested in our brand because it gives them confidence. (all this time our communication strategy, using social networks to “attract” potential stakeholders was kept and that has always left them on our radar).

We are informed that their CEO comes to visit us and did not even want to talk about contract or prices, just wanted to realize our culture and company, as simple as this (personal relationships, as you can see).

He returns to Dubai, meets with his team and gives indications to advance with the initial order and exclusivity contract. It came at the right time, since we were going to be in Dubai at MEE 2018 and we could finish everything there.

That is what happened, fortunately we signed the order and contract (but not before we met their company, they made a point. Again, personal relations).


It is never too much to remember that our online posture (even the individual) is very important to sell the company. This is the real Social Selling. Just see the whole process of this customer to realize the importance.

The lead came to us, went searching for more information and liked what it found, was interested in knowing more (even with another company involved), insisted on wanting more of our answers, was approached through Sales Navigator, was impacted with our digital communication , was managed by our commercial team, we needed the face-to-face, that is, everything that exists in this type of strategy.

It takes time, it’s true, because it’s not a short-term process, but once it’s implemented it becomes faster as it gets tuned and, above all, it works!

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